Our Hardware

Demo made with Autodesk Fusion 360 and visualized with Paint 3D.

Small and Portable

Our mini projectors can be easily attached to any surface area through an adhesive pad. When you are on the go, simply take them off, place them in our portable charging case, and be on your way.

Camera and Sensor

Our built-in high-resolution mini camera and LiDar sensor enable our immersive video communication, and allow our projectors to configure the projections to your indoor environment.

Completely Wireless

Our projectors come with wired and wireless charging. Our wireless communication between the projectors and the app bring immersive communication to you with the touch of a button.

Our Software

AR-guided Experience

Experience the Augmented Reality on our app, which overlays a demo immersive experience on your phone as you scan your room with our app. Then, when you are ready to install, our app will use AR to guide you through the installation process.

All-in-one User Control

Use our app to control the projectors, whether it is to join or create a workplace or immersive work experience, or to change the projection area as you wish. All with a touch of a button.

Our AI Solution

Real-Time 3D Rendering

With the visual input from the cameras, the software builds 3D renderings of the users in real-time and integrate them with the pre-configured virtual environments, all with state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms.

Smooth Visual Integration

With a centralized output, our algorithm allocates a visual segment for each projector to display. It takes into account the location of each projector and corrects the parameters to make sure the final projection is as coherent as possible.

Environmental Awareness

Our cameras and sensors make sure that our projectors are aware of the lighting condition, surrounding objects and other environmental factors at all times. Our AI solution helps correct the projected output based on these dynamic factors.

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